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"Ivatsevichi State
professional Lyceum
agricultural production"

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The choice of profession - difficult and important step in a person's life. The right choice of a profession is the choice of your place in future life. When we are able to do what you like, and get a good paying, we live with a sense of satisfaction.
Currently, more attention is paid to the emergence of agriculture. At the next level come out the Belarusian village, agricultural towns. Agricultural enterprises equipped with modern machinery and equipment. Steady demand is for the profession of agricultural profile. It is not just a profession, it is necessary to choose a profession that will be in demand in the labor market.
Professions, which trains specialists in our lyceum are varied and are just among the sought-after. There are such professions as:

- Welders;
- Electricians;
- Tractor-drivers;
- The driver of the "C" category;
- repair technicians with / agricultural machinery and equipment;
- Milking machine operators;
- Vegetable producer;
- Seamstress;
- Foresters;
- huntsmen;
- Cookers;
- Sellers;
- Painters.

Our high school is located in Ivatsevichi, located 3 km. from the highway Brest-Moscow. We were within easy driving from Brest, Minsk, Pinsk, Pruzhany, Grodno, Bereza, due to the fact that the city has railway and follow the intercity buses and taxis.
In high school created a good environment for learning and living of students. On the landscaped area educational building housed, equipped with offices, production workshops, where students work out practical skills circuit.
There is a hostel situated 50 meters from the educational building that provides all students. Payment for accommodation at the moment is 15r.60c.. This amount also includes the use of linens.
They feed the students in the cozy dining room. Everyone who learns more than one year, are provided with free hot meals. Three hot meals prepared students whose budget subsistence level per family member is less than 216r. 90c.. Those who do not receive free food, you can pay extra for breakfast and dinner.
Provide excellent conditions for leisure activities: running 3 gyms, a stadium, a gymnastic town, a sports hall, a library, a collective point of using the Internet, themed discos, are various clubs, where you can get practical skills in trades electric and gas welder, mechanic, seamstress, cook, etc. And, just next to the Lyceum is an ice rink and a swimming pool. Some of our students attend hockey section and even take part in competitions.
Students TU groups (ie received after 11th grade) receive a scolarship, the minimum - 55r.74c., and further bonuses, depending on GPA.
Training is conducted in five days. Classes begin at 08.30 and end at 17.30, depending on the schedule.
Holidays in winter - two weeks in March for students 1 and 2 courses - one more week. And, of course, the summer holidays (9 weeks).
Study in lyceums included in the seniority, ie We have studied with us for three years, and you already have three years of work experience.
It should be noted a tendency that when teaching at the Lyceum guys GPA increases in general subjects. This gives a better chance for admission to secondary vocational (college Pruzhany, Pinsk Industrial-Pedagogical College, Zhirovichi college, etc.).
Given the fact that the labor market demand for highly skilled workers, for several years we have practiced training in integrated function: while you can get a few professions.
After graduation all graduates of compulsory provided the first place of employment in accordance with the organizations of applications - frames the customers.
After returning to work, you can go to high school with a request for reallocation.
It would also like to note that the employment is carried out not only in the SEC, but also to the enterprise, such as concrete, Ivatsevichdrev, dairy, forestry and others.
Well, in conclusion, I would like to stress once again that the profession of an agricultural profile in demand in our country (it is enough to read the job advertisements in local newspapers) and agricultural workers have a number of advantages, such as housing, which provides SEC.
Welcome to "Ivatsevichi state professional lyceum of agricultural production"!

Since 2008, on the basis of the Lyceum is a center of professional and social rehabilitation of persons with special needs. All conditions for vocational education in accordance with the capacity and the level of health of people with OPFR.
Students of the Center live on the second floor of the hostel.